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Good Bye
Good Bye
Pay off the bills,
Do the next chore.
Scream out with silence
I can't stay any more.
They will cry when I'm gone
Yet in death there's less pain.
Filled with false hope
That I'll return again.
If the world is a window
Then show me the door.
While my heart is still beating
I can't stay any more.
Pray to the clouds
To bring back the rain.
Pray to a god
That I'll return again.
If I leave when I'm gone
Perhaps my mind can be found.
Just one more lost shadow,
Death makes no sound.
My heart is still beating,
Yet it died long ago.
Still laughing and smiling
While I drown in woe.
My head screams all the time
In itself will confound.
Just one way to stop it,
Death makes no sound.
A spark of true beauty
In a pit of black snow.
A girl tries to save me
While I drown in woe.
A raft in a storm,
I'm pulled aboard.
Filled with new hope,
But it's a double-edged sword.
Drift from abyss,
I've found a new way.
But no matter how far,
Yet more demons to slay.
Cling to each other,
The light is restor
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Distractions Are A Gift
Distractions Are a Gift
Distractions are a gift,
And let me tell you why:
They make you stop, look back,
Make you finish and retry.
Say you have a piece of work,
You're stuck on just page three.
Without distraction you'll just sit there
Till your schedule is free.
Distractions are a gift,
They can come as a surprise.
You're hard at work; you're in the zone,
That's when it will arise:
An invite, a party,
From a girl you quite enjoy.
"Will I go? Of course I will!
I'll try to be her boy!"
So you're at the girl's party,
(A fun distraction, after all,)
And, between you and her,
A conversation does befall.
But things are kind of noisy,
So you both do go outside
(A distraction from the party)
Where you lie side-by-side.
Distractions are a gift,
For the stars are out tonight.
Let the stars distract you both
Till your head turns to the side.
The stars are in her eyes,
Yet the reflection is much brighter.
A distraction from the whole wide world,
Your heart is beating tighter.
So now you and her
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